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A Design Strategy to Optimize Indoor Air Quality

Properly managing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) means balancing optimum occupant comfort with facility heating & ventilating cost. By introducing a slight positive pressure to the space, direct-fired systems provide “Total Air Management.”

AbsolutAire’s design strategy helps to increase comfort and improve productivity by reducing heat stratification and cold air infiltration, while also displacing airborne odors, dust, dirt, and other contaminants.

Starting with a competitively low first cost, these direct-fired heating & ventilating solutions are less expensive to install, more efficient to operate, easier to maintain, and last longer.

Direct Gas-Fired
  • 99.8% Energy-Efficient Burner
  • Uniform Temperatures
  • Improved IAQ = Higher Productivity
  • Slight Pressure Minimizes Infiltration
Indirect Gas-Fired
  • Lower Efficiency
  • Heat Stratification
  • Poor IAQ = Lower Productivity
  • Outside Air, Dust, Dirt Infiltration
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