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Direct-Fired Leadership

Direct-Fired Leadership is not a destination, but a journey. And, with a steady stream of product innovation, continuous improvement in cost and quality, and relentless attention to customer service, AbsolutAire is setting the benchmark for excellence in direct-fired systems for make-up air, heating & ventilating, and more. Our Pure & Simple Solutions include:

  • E-Series Direct-Fired Air Turnover Systems; heating capacities from 400 to 7,000 MBH and airflow capacities from 10,000 to 120,000 CFM.
  • V-Series Direct-Fired Make-Up Air Value; capacities from 800 to 13,000 CFM; 100% fresh air, heated or cooled.
  • AA-Series Direct-Fired Make-Up Air and Heating & Ventilating Systems; heating capacities from 200 to 6,000 MBH and airflow capacities from 800 to 50,000 CFM.
  • R-Series Direct-Fired Heating & Ventilating Systems; advanced energy-saving design excellence; capacities to 17,000 MBH and 130,000 CFM.
  • S-Series Air-Handling Systems for heating & ventilating, and total environmental control.
  • I-Series Indirect-Fired Heating & Ventilating Systems; heating capacities from 75 to 1,200 MBH and airflow capacities from 600 to 14,800 CFM.
  • LX1 DDC Controls, including systems for facility management and unit and remote controls.
  • Cooling for every type of make-up air and heating & ventilating system; options include high-capacity, economical evaporative cooling and high-efficiency DX and CW mechanical cooling.
  • Other Solutions, including cooling options, fan and burner boxes, specialty door and construction heaters, air-process dryers, and ceiling diffusers
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