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Direct-Fired Air Turnover
  • Advanced Energy-Saving Design Excellence
  • Unique Design Utilizes As Little As 2% Outside Air
  • Capacities to 7,000 MBH and 120,000 CFM

Energy efficiency and environmental care are priceless. So, AbsolutAire is taking the lead in developing sustainable HVAC technologies to conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gases in today’s world and for future generations to come.

AbsolutAire® E-Series Direct-Fired Air Turnover Systems are the Best Available Technology to preserve precious resources, slash heating & ventilating costs and shrink our environmental footprint. Our industry-first innovation is your earth-first solution.

The unique and unprecedented E-Series combines the very best features of indirect-fired air turnover units and direct-fired heating systems. The heart of the concept beats strong. Less horsepower is used for maximum ventilating with efficient axial fans. And less fuel is used for maximum heating and reduced emissions with 100% efficient direct-fired burners. AbsolutAire has a patent applied for on this breakthrough technology.

AbsolutAire E-Series ensures maximum space comfort with highvolume, low-velocity air recirculation. Installation is simple, maintenance is minimal and AbsolutAire's customer service, engineering support and system warranty are among the industry best.

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