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Meijer Inc. Distribution Center, Tipp City, OH
  • R-Series 85/15 Modulating Models
  • DDC Controls with ASD Bus Communication
Key Facts:

Product       AbsolutAire R-Series 85/15 Modulating Building-Control Systems

Scope       25 units

Airflow       1,115,150 CFM

Capacity       92,669 MBH

Fuel       Natural Gas

  • MZ Microprocessor Control System
  • 30% Filtration
  • Building Pressurization

Installed       1994-1998 (Four Phases)

Project Overview:

When Meijer Inc. began construction of a major distribution center in the Midwest, the company built Phases I and II utilizing analog controls on the first ten AbsolutAire R-Series 85/15 modulating building-control units. Increasing market activity for this multi-store grocery and general merchandise retailer, however, required a major expansion and Phase III construction. The Meijer facility-design team then specified more advanced, state-of-the-art air-management controls on the additional 15 R-Series units needed.

AbsolutAire provided its MZ Microprocessor Control System for the direct-fired units installed in the more than 600,000 square feet of new facility. At this time, Meijer also entered into Phase IV and chose to retrofit the first two portions of the facility with the same MZ control strategy. Fiber-optic cable interconnected the 25 R-Series units to allow central control and monitoring of the entire air-management system. Facility managers can now globally observe all heating and ventilating units, and precisely adjust operation as building activity, market needs, and seasonal requirements change.

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