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Installations :: R-Series :: Waupaca Foundry, Marinette, WI
Waupaca Foundry, Marinette, WI
  • R-Series Make-Up Air Systems
  • Backward-Inclined Airfoil Fans
Key Facts:

Product       AbsolutAire R-Series 100% OA Make-Up Air Systems

Model       Four R373-HOX

Airflow       75,000 CFM (each)

Capacity       7,290 MBH (each)

Fuel       Natural Gas

  • 100% OA Make-Up Air
  • Inlet Hood

Installed       2002

Project Overview:

A producer of metal castings for transportation, Waupaca Foundry must closely control operating costs. AbsolutAire R-Series 100% OA make-up air systems were the choice for an upgrade at the company’s Marinette, WI, casting facility. These direct-fired systems were designed to provide fresh, heated make-up air to the foundry’s processing areas and improve indoor air quality and worker comfort.

The backward-inclined, airfoil fan used on the R-series units was ideal for operating in the foundry’s dusty environment. Other MUA equipment manufacturers had failed to meet the foundry needs, using DWDI forward-curved fans with blades that collected heavy debris that subsequently led to reduced airflow. The AbsolutAire BIAF fan was the perfect solution for maintaining ventilation airflow at consistent levels.

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