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Innovative Thinking About Managing Air

With its tools, technologies, and talents firmly focused on serving two distinct markets, AbsolutAire is meeting today’s needs for cost-effective make-up air, as well as for efficient heating and ventilating. Simply, managing air.

Direct-fired Make-Up Air (MUA) systems are widely used in kitchen and food service operations, industrial processing, paint booths, and wastewater treatment. Wherever clean, fresh air – heated or cooled -- is needed for replacing fouled exhaust air, AbsolutAire has both innovation and value.

Direct-fired Heating & Ventilating (H&V) systems are being used in commercial warehousing, distribution, storage, and exhibition or sports facilities, as well as in most every type and size of industrial manufacturing facility. Wherever heat and ventilation – or special air-management solutions – are needed, AbsolutAire has the right, value-added thinking.

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